Dear siters and brothers in Faith, salamu'llah alaykum.

The reason of my present blog is the pleasure to share my opinion about simlilarity between Man kind and Computer.

A computer is a machine as every one knows , when all parts of a computer are perfectly assembled, it requires an operating system to function, as human beings that Allah S.W.T created in perfect design, it needs a code of conduct to live healthily and in harmony in their environment.

Allah S.W.T has always did the necessary, since the creation of Adam A.S to propose the appropriate OPERATING SYSTEM in order to ensure the success of human species and their existence on earth.

In Holy Qur'aan Allah S.W.T has fully informed us about his sacred operating system and spiritual guides he has chosen as Teachers Engineers for humanity.

Unfortunately, most human communities of all civilizations have always rejected, challenged the authenticity and validity of the sacred operating system yet whenever updated for the ease and the development of the human beings.

Because of human rebellion against their creator Allah S.W.T, the Holy Prophets and the sacred operating system he has constantly updated, only tiny minorities have integrated the system and enjoyed its benefits.

But once these minorities disappeared, their descendants have never been able to perpetuate the legacy , and maintenance, not maintenance of the holy operating system but the maintenance of their own mecanism against failures and bugs.

The human machine fonctions has always tended to pause the sacred operating system to allow attractive external vehicle to take control of their mecanism.

I don't mention the Hackers "missionaries" who love targeting the badly parameterized and unprotected machines.

Humans have always tended to love laziness and has always enjoyed entertainment, attractions, spectacles of miracles and passion for the virtual.

But when spectacle, entertainment, attractions and Virtual witchcraft is nothing else than Satanic imagination the issue is failure often general irrémédiable.

(@) (@) (@) (@) (@) (@) (@)

As years passes as much we see people experiencing weariness and mediocrity leading inevitably to decadence.

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All religions and messengers of Allah had their parts of miracles and power, gospel and torah as many other oldest holy words of Allah SWT have been translated by Intruders who infiltrated most of these successive religious circles often by sacrificing several generations In the unique purpose to realize the Satan's will.
They belong to a community of people affected by a strange pandemic in addition to arrogance rebellion and perversion.
A pandemic which countered them under an aspect of virtual science and attracts them towards a space and dimension without borders and without marks.
This virtual dark space and dimension which they like calling freedom and emancipation.
That's how the university pupils of Satan achieve their training courses to obtain their admission titles in the kingdom of Gehenna.
They often managed to translate the divine words in order to undergo deformations and transformations with intent to destroy their real meaning and blur their sens and dimension for the satisfaction of Satan.
That's how the children of Satan and their (human) cousins try to switch off the light of Allah SWT.

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The miracle and power of Islam, the holy words of Allah swt Al Qur'aan is its integrity and eternity beyond the end of time.

Even our father Ibrahim a.s.w.s. has turned into a professor to teach Al Qur'aan to survivors of doomsday and children that death took on earth before they know the holy words of Allah swt.

There will be hundreds of millions of Muslims around the world but the Islam of most of them will look like snow on rocks or like a flower on cactus, just because Islam will not enter their hearts.
As the plant that water does not reach the roots will never survive.

Some beauties are just a front beauty while it houses a great ugliness.

Allah loves the children of Adam who are authentics, transparents, sinceres, volunteers and faithful to his instructions and his mission on earth.

Liars and hypocrites can lie on earth throughout their existence in order to deceive and divert goods and power, but their victims will be their souls only and only their souls.

Only a minority will differ
What matters is to be part of this minority
A minority of genuine servants of Allah
A minority of faithful worshipers

I implore Allah swt to enlighten our hearts to be among the survivors
I implore Allah swt to enlighten our brain cells to be part of this minority

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Allah is great
Allah is the universal creator
Allah is the the first
Allah is the eternal
Glory to Allah the mighty, the merciful

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Your Brother Abu Hisham Azraq
Ramadhan 2008

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